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We all long for the happy days of childhood. Warm summer evenings spent on the front porch with family and friends. In the distance is heard the summer song of the ice cream truck gliding through the neighborhoods bringing tasty ice cream treats and fond memories. Parents love to delight their children with a surprise ice cream truck visit at their birthday party.

Frosty Treats has been providing smiles throughout the USA for more than 20 years. Our vendors sell delicious and fun ice cream products throughout neighborhoods and business districts every day. We are extremely product to bring our exciting trucks and products to the servicemen, servicewomen, and families, at many Army Posts and Air Force Bases across the USA.


We are in high demand for parties and special events and handle over 1000 events -big and small – each week. We handle events for multi–national corporations and local businesses. Employee Appreciation, Company Picnic's, and Accident Free rewards are just a few of our most common requests. Construction and Manufacturing facilities book our trucks for Beat-the-Heat occasions and also to celebrate the completion of projects and production goals.

Frosty Treats is a favorite at child care facilities, day-care facilities, schools, churches, and retirement communities. Our trucks are booked at many facilities on a weekly basis in addition to annual events like Back-to-School, Field Day, and much more.

We are proud to partner with fundraisers, non-profits, and charitable organizations who book an ice cream truck to help raise funds or reward participants at the end of a charity walk, run and annual golf tournaments.

Local municipalities contact us to supply frosty ice cream treats for City celebrations as well as Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and New Years fireworks displays and celebrations.

Take a second, pick up the phone and call us to discuss your party or special event needs. You will be happy you did.

Safety is our paramount concern. From the safety signs and equipment on our vehicles to the safety orientation we give all of our vendors. We preach and practice safety on a daily basis. Next time you drive upon one of our mobile ice cream trucks in your neighborhood note the safety signs, flashing lights, and swing out arms telling motorists to slow down and watch for children around the ice cream truck. Keeping children in their neighborhoods close to parents is one of our safety goals.

We carry a wide variety of delicious ice cream products. We have a large selection of items for the young and young-at-heart as well as many adult and premium selections to choose from.

Frosty Treats is proud to be part of Americana. We here at Frosty Treats like to say, "We don't just sell heavenly ice cream, we sell fun and excitement."


Frostry treats animals